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Sun, 02.07.2017
Exhibitors,please carefully read the information below,as due to construction work at Cape School,arrangements and exhibition space will be different to previous years

Download or print out your Entry Forms here

Important:Please check out the Terms and Conditions here

The Art and Craft Exhibition will be open from the Preview Evening on Tuesday August 6th, which anyone can attend, until Thursday August 22nd when it will close at 2pm.

Exhibitors may bring their Exhibits in on Friday August 2nd and Saturday August 3rd and should collect them on Thursday August 22nd after the Exhibition has closed to the public and all visitors have left.

Due to construction work at the school the Hall will not be available.
But the Gym and Atrium will be available as previously, plus an additional area behind the Atrium and one corridor.
This means that space will be restricted especially for paintings.

Please check this website for updated Terms and Conditions when you receive your Entry Forms which will be late June.
Please do not try to book in before receiving your Entry Form as confirmations will not be accepted.

This year we will not be able to pay Exhibitors when their work is collected due to the lack of space,but Cheques will be sent out as soon as the sales figures have been entered into the computer and checked.

We remind Exhibitors that as previously the Committee does not accept responsibility for any loss or damage to Exhibits: all Exhibits are left at the Exhibitors’ risk.

Full Terms and Conditions for the 2019 Exhibition will be available here from the end of June
and Entry Forms can then be downloaded.

Existing Exhibitors who did not sign a General Data Protection Form last year will not automatically receive an Entry Form in the post as they did in past years as it is now illegal to store personal data without written permission.

For more info please call: HELEN on 01736 786613

If you are thinking of exhibiting,please read the